The Future of Music?

Last fall I produced a short video profile of Drew Silverstein, the co-founder and CEO of artificial intelligence music technology Amper Music. Amper was in the news last week as the platform on which the first-ever AI-composed album was produced. The video I made about Amper was shared by The Daily Mail and Futurism. Watch … More The Future of Music?


Submerging is a zine co-edited by me and Brian Cogan (The Encyclopedia of Punk), Mike Faloon (Zisk and Go Metric), and Brendan Kiernan. Issue #2 features photography from Joanne Barham and essays by Brian Cogan, Brendan Kiernan, Matt Lang, and Jill LaBrack. It’s available for purchase online from Quimby’s, Razorcake and Atomic Books and in … More Submerging