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I am the co-editor, co-publisher, and graphic designer for the lit / photography zine Submerging.

Flyer (2018)

Flyer for a reading and music performance.


Digital Collages

Various digital collages from 2016-17.

Remixes of Modern Art

Animated interpretations of works by Tony Conrad, Sol LeWitt, Gerhard Richter, and Bridget Riley.

Gonzo Beans

Inspired by a family dinner, where my father-in-law called garbanzo beans “Gonzo beans.”


Columbia Business School T-Shirt Design (2013)

I designed the t-shirt for the Columbia Business School brand re-positioning. The design is based on NYC subway signage, reinforcing the School’s location at the center of business world.



Posters from various activist events over the last two-three years.

Fracktoids (2012)

Columbia Journalism School Interactive News Design Workshop project, which entailed custom Tumblr theming, jQuery, Google Fusion Tables, social media curation, and HTML/CSS.

Fracktoids (2012) by bee721

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