Submerging Writers zine cover design and photo


Columbia Business School T-Shirt Design

blacktshirtDesigned New York City-focused t-shirt for Columbia Business School brand positioning roll out. (October 2013)


Designed infographic used for social media promotion of Columbia Ideas at Work story. (March 2013)


Fracktoids (2012) by bee721

Columbia Journalism School Interactive News Design Workshop project, which entailed custom Tumblr theming, jQuery, Google Fusion Tables, social media curation, and HTML/CSS. (May 2012)

Go Metric

TypePad custom CSS design using TypeKit fonts Droid Serif by Google Android and FF Nuvo Web Pro by FontFont. Visit (2011)

Typography [Noble Desktop Course]

Collage #1Book Antiqua 407Modern No 20 RModern No 20 R [reversed]Plantegenet Cherokee 9Collage #4b
Collage #4aCollage #3Collage #2LogotypeCentury Gothic: The Greenest Font* [Poster]Century Gothic Poster [thumbnails]
Book Cover DesignMuseum Shop Poster [POP Display]