Submerging reviewed in Broken Pencil

Thanks to Broken Pencil for a really thoughtful review of Submerging #2. “By disregarding grammatical and even structural conventions, Submerging’s essays are all told in ‘the wrong way,’ which goes a long way in explaining why they’re so effective in drawing you into topics so easily misunderstood.” Read the review here. Buy Submerging #2 from Etsy.

John Davis Launches Split Rock Wildway Book

John Davis is a legendary environmental activist and and author. I wanted to support his efforts to create a wildlife corridor between Lake Champlain and the Adirondack High Peaks and was honored to create a short book trailer for Split Rock Wildway: Scouting the Adirondack Park’s Most Diverse Wildlife Corridor. Music by the talented and … More John Davis Launches Split Rock Wildway Book

The Future of Music?

Last fall I produced a short video profile of Drew Silverstein, the co-founder and CEO of artificial intelligence music technology Amper Music. Amper was in the news last week as the platform on which the first-ever AI-composed album was produced. The video I made about Amper was shared by The Daily Mail and Futurism. Watch … More The Future of Music?