It’s always a treat to interview smart people—I especially enjoy the advance research required to write (hopefully) intelligent questions.

Columbia Business School Video Projects

From 2013-2018 I led a variety of video projects for Columbia Business School, from a suite of videos celebrating the School’s Centennial to animated videos highlighting management research. My role varies depending in the project, but often included production/project management, shooting, editing, or animation.

In my free time I have produced successful Kickstarter fundraising and book trailer videos.

Girls in the Moon Official Trailer

Tasked with creating a book trailer for McNally’s debut YA novel on a minimal budget, I mined free stock sources and layered the images to create a dreamlike effect. The trailer was featured on YA Highway, Epic Reads, and Book Angel.

Spend Kindly promotional video

Fauré at Play

Engineering a Passion

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